Working from home is awesome! My favorite part of being a freelancer or a remote worker is that you decide on your own schedule and can work from anyplace anytime you want. We are lucky to live in a world where in order to get your work done you just need a laptop and decent Wi-Fi. There is no need in sitting in the office cubicle for hours and never see a world around you. This is just sooo old school! However, working from home is not that easy, and a lot of people find it unproductive, as they cannot get their work done. It is so easy to lose focus. Therefore, I have summarized 5 work from home tips especially to help you.

1. Create comfortable work space at home.

Work environment at home should be clean and pleasant to stay there for longer period. If your work space is a mess, how are you supposed to stay productive? Messy work space = messy thoughts. Work space should unleash your creativity, it should inspire you to work and go for your dreams. Create your work corner/desk that would be just like from Pinterest boards. I personally have a lot of motivational quotes at home, when I look at them it keeps me motivated.

2. Set your schedule.

If you are lucky to have a work from home day or two treat it just like any other working day at the office. It is very easy to get distracted while working at home. In reality people have less work done while working at home, because they don’t set a plan for the day. They go with a flow. My advice is to write down a clear plan of tasks what you need to do during the day a day before, so when you get up you already know what you will be working on. Simple, but always works for me.


3. Don’t forget to take breaks.

Some people might feel guilty to take breaks knowing that they already are working from home. But remember that you are doing the same tasks as you would do at the office. It is just normal to take breaks during your work in order to get more things done. But please don’t take useless breaks like opening YouTube or scrolling down on Facebook. Better use your breaks to get away from your laptop. Also my advice of effective work from home is to work when you are most productive. If you are a morning person do the hardest tasks in the morning and have a more relaxed afternoon for example.


4. Don’t stay at home all the time.

While working from home is amazing, it can become boring at some point as well. All you need is a great working atmosphere and Wi-Fi, right? So find comfortable coffee shop, library, public spaces in your area where you can have a good working vibes and energy of an office space. I very often go to coffee shops where I see a lot of other people working as well and it inspires me.


5. Stop working and log off.

We all want a healthy life work balance. However, very often I see that freelancers and remote workers stay up working even more than office workers just because they are used to working from anyplace anytime. However, it is not that healthy that you are 24/7 available and always logged on. You should set your boundaries and log off when needed. Set yourself your deadline when you are going to log off and end the working day. Have an unexpected idea come up in your head? Great, write it down and continue working on it tomorrow. Just because you have access to work from anywhere anytime doesn’t mean you should think about work even out of your working hours.


So here are my 5 successful working from home tips. Try implementing them in order to become a more productive worker. If you are still working at the office I suggest you talking to your boss and ask for some remote working days. I guarantee you if you implement these points you will show even better results than working in the office all the time. You would feel happier for sure! 😉


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