I believe in magic and a world where dreams come true!

Hi, I’m Ilona, and I help new bloggers, creatives and business owners to win on social media with the help of digital marketing, brand building and powerful stories.  

I will tell you my secret. 

I believe in a life of


You too? Great, Iet’s be friends! 



Imagine the life of doing what you love and traveling the world while doing so! The life where you can be free, location independent and plan your time yourself. Working with people you want, going to places you want and living like YOU want

More than just 3 weeks per year (if you are lucky)…

These are the thoughts I had every day when sitting at my 9-5 office cubicle. I didn’t have the worst job ever, on the contrary  working in the world’s leading beauty company in the sales & marketing is the job some people might be dreaming of, but not me. 

That wasn’t the life I wanted to live! 

I wanted to:

  • see the world (more than just 3 weeks in a year)
  • be location independent
  • have control over my time and working hours
  • run my own business
  • and finally achieve my dreams! 
I wanted to truly embody the laptop lifestyle! 

And that’s what I did…


We are all told already from young age that you need to go to school, have good grades, then go to university and find a good secured job. I was told so too. However, my millennial mindset did not want to accept it though. I discovered early on that there are many ways  to live your life nowadays, especially in the digital era

 So, I started blogging (only on Instagram) back in 2014 and it was more like a visual diary for me where I shared my adventures with friends. However, after some time I saw so many great accounts succeeding and making the most out their Instagram blogs that I decided to learn to do it too. After countless hours or learning, practicing & mistakes I have finally cracked the code. Not noticing I have grown from an amateur user to a blogger

While still on my day work I started to receive brand deals, signed new collaborations and got inquires from other girls/brands to share my knowledge with them. Without massive following (I had a bit more than 10k followers back then), no paid ads and big acquaintances I started to monetize my account and built my own tribe!

That’s when I realized that I need to make the next step! 

I decided to leave my full-time job in order to pursue my dreams of remote working and teaching people to grow their personal brands with digital marketing and social media help! I put all my courage together and went for it! Of course I was scared and people usually are terrified of failure, or insecurity of pursuing the biggest dreams. However, I had that courage and was willing to take the risk. 

I turned my side hustle to a growing business!


Life is a journey, life is an adventure! During this year I have been to 10 different countries and finally can feed my tropical wanderlusts. I knew that I need a constant source of income, and a business I can take with me everywhere! 

So I created it! Therefore, apart from blogging I have created a digital agency plus consulting and found my clients online (on Instagram). And everyday I am happy to help amazing creative people around the world to build amazing online brands,  to overcome  fears & limitations as well as give the courage to become 

Blogpreneurs (bloggers + entrepreneurs)! 


I am blessed with being able to do what I love while traveling the world  and  gathering together an amazing tribe of blogpreneurs who share their adventures on a daily basis on “Insta Hype Tribe”.

Here are some adventures I am planning on taking:

  • Live in Bali for 3 months for a digital retreat and learn surfing.
  • Travel to Africa and volunteer in cheetah rehabilitation center.
  • Swim with dolphins. 
  • Get on a road trip around USA and play poker in Las Vegas.  
  • Go to Australia and see it’s wildlife. 
  • Fly with hot air balloon in Cappadocia.
  • Experience the night in Sahara Desert of Morocco.
  • Get on a safari tour in Africa (Kenya).
  • Live on an island in Philippines. 
  •  Explore the heritage of Cambodia. 

…and many more…

Follow my adventures on Insta!

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